[ACT] Foresia: The Cursed Oath ver.1.1.0 [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: BlusterD
Release: Nov/02/2021
Product format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Lots of White Cream/Juices, Successive Orgasms, Anime, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Internal Cumshot, Masturbation, Oral Cumshot
File size: 1.81 GB

1. Tested and working fine on Win10 with JP system locale.
2. Extract and run  Foresia-呪われた誓約.exe in 32bit or 64bit folder, no need to install.

Foresia, a high elf and resident of the Spirit Tree Forest, has been cursed.

After her village was attacked by monsters and she was sold into sexual slavery, Foresia managed to escape with the help of a spirit. Though she was free, she’s now assailed by constant sexual desires… At first her body wouldn’t stop twitching, but after making her way to the town of Crossraven and training herself by becoming an adventurer, she’s become somewhat better at controlling her lust…

– Gather gold through quests, conversations, and gambling!
– Statuses and items have scenes when being unlocked.
– Alternate between day and night, which will change your status
– Prostitute yourself at the brothel to turn that sex drive into gold and see some animated H scenes
– Missionary, cowgirl, piledrivers, and more
– Masturbate in your room

Animated H Scenes
– Story and H scenes are animated for total immersion
– H scenes feature voices and sound effects
– Voice work gives a sense of speed while thrusting
– Features slime and tentacle sex
– H scenes are added to the gallery after you’ve seen them once

RPG-flavored Action!
Play with a mouse, keyboard, or controller!

– The game proceeds from a top-down perspective. Watch your positioning!
– Foresia can attack with her bow, homing magic, or a magic burst.
– She can also defend with shield magic.
Use skills to build up the Power and Magic gauges.

Status Changes
Foresia’s status will change based on the number of times she’s had sex.

Her title will change based on prostitution, blowjobs given, rapes, creampies, perviness, and charm.

Her art can also be changed on the main menu.
You can choose battle clothes, casual clothes, underwear, tits out, fully nude, and “total slut”.

Choose the one you like the most!

Nov / 06/2021 Content added
Ver 1.1.0
■ Relaxation of subjugation acquisition gold ・ Reduction of in-game rent
■ Sensitivity adjustment of analog controller, etc.

Nov / 05.2021 Bug fixes
◆ Supports multiple joy pads.

Nov / 04/2021 Content added
◆ Added 32-bit OS compatible version.

Nov / 04/2021 Bug fixes
◆ Sensitivity adjustment of the direction axis of the analog controller.

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