[ACT] NurseryDimension ~Seedbed Lost in Tentacle World~ ver.1.02 [JP-EN-CH]

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NurseryDimension ~迷子の苗床と触手の世界~

Circle: mikotoshi-dou
Release: Nov/13/2021
Product format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Childbirth, Egg Laying, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Stretch/Expansion, Pregnant Woman, Nipple Penetration
File size: 429.49 MB

This is a side-scrolling action RPG featuring hardcore content like tentacles and interspecies sex.
H scenes feature chest and stomach inflations, plus lots of cum variations. There are no Game Overs, so H scenes are super easy to see!
◆Created with: Unity, Live2D

◆Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Can be changed)

◆Stages: 3

◆Voices: Main character only

◆Guro: None, though there is a little blood and some prolapse

◆H Scenes: Around 20 + variations

All the movement you expect from an action game, like back-dashing, crouching, jumping, attacking, and sliding, plus special additions like knife throwing, bombs, MP-draining magic skills, and more!

Cancel your attacks with a back-dash, and cancel a back-dash by crouching. Keep that in mind as you delve into some truly frightening dungeons!

As you might expect from this type of game, along your journey you’ll discover new methods of attack and a double jump that will let you access all-new areas!

H Scenes
H scenes were all created with Live2D, and once your Break Points hit 0, you’ll transition into each one seamlessly.

Switch to the next animation using the jump button, but once your HP reaches 0, the animation will keep looping, Press the back-dash button to be sent back to the last safe area.

[H Scene Details]
15 enemy H scenes + 3 boss scenes
Also includes 3 birth and milking scenes.

[H Scene Contents]
Mostly hardcore interspecies content like tentacles, slimes, bugs, stomach bulging, pregnancy, birth, womb violation, nipple fucking, lactation, seedbedding, and more.
*There is no human sex.

Other Features
The game has been balanced so that even non-action-fans can have fun!
Difficulty can be changed at any time, from Easy all the way to Nightmare and Naedoko modes!
Includes gamepad support and button customization.
Action-packed, but with RPG elements like leveling and equipment strengthening!
Enemy drops are random, making for varied equipment with different effects. Careful not to pick up something bad!
Lots of achievements to keep you busy! The game also keeps track of things like the number of assaults and births.
Pregnancy and egg implantation will visibly increase stomach size!
Game progress and time will induce birth and egg laying, so look out!

This work is developed with Unity.
You can also select the language to use for this product from the CONFIG screen.
Please note that non-Japanese language is mainly machine translation. (As of November 2021)

Changelog (Google Translated):

◇ Ver1.02

・ Additional bonus for those who have supported more than a certain amount during the production period
(For details, see the relevant article on each creator support site)

・ Fine-tune the processing when entering the H scene
-Fixed a bug that gave birth (breast) even with only breast milk
・ Adjustment of some stages (including gallery mode)
・ Adjusted the behavior of the back step
・ Adjusted so that it can be obtained as an item at the time of semen delivery

◇ Ver1.01

-Fixed a bug (sort-related bug) that was not displayed properly when you had a lot of items.
-Fixed a bug that the key config could not be saved / loaded.
・ Weight reduction of breast milk-related processing when giving birth in bulk
-Fixed a bug where the effect of using breast milk was incorrect.
-Fixed a bug that occurred when trying to discard items in a row
-Corrected the help text after selling the item
-Fixed a bug that doping items are not reflected in the display
-Fixed a bug that occurred when opening the menu screen during damage and adjusted the behavior.
-Fixed a bug that occurs when moving to an area during damage
・ Achievement opening conditions ・ Corrected help text
-Fixed language bugs related to achievements
-Fixed so that the equipment mark appears normally with the skill at the time of sale
-Fixed a bug where totality experience did not seem to increase
・ Adjusted the deviation of the numerical value of the sexual experience part of the status
-Added countermeasures for the problem that the map opens during darkening in the shower. * If you open and close the map again, it will return to normal (see FAQ).
-Adjusted so that the menu screen and map cannot be opened while down.
-Adjusted so that the map and key config screen cannot be opened during the H scene.
・ Changed the specifications so that you cannot rest during an attack.
-Fixed a bug that the Q key was set to move
・ Adjusted the shape of some maps
-Fixed bugs related to enemies
-Fixed a bug that Niso was not hidden in the H scene of the enemy “Parasitic Hornet”.
・ Adjusted the mosaic of childbirth motion underwater
-Fixed the skill “Lightning” to work properly.
-Fixed the transfer destination of the 3rd map immediately after going to the innermost part of the gallery mode.

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I’m pretty sure this will be my next favorite h-game, but whether it’s New Game or Gallery, the screen starts centered and then shifts about a quarter of the way down. Since all of the animations take place centered, you will see almost nothing.

I also fell through the floor of the gallery to a bottomless pit lol. I hope there’s a fix.