[ACT] Bloodroot ver. (JP)

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Circle: stDoppel
Released: May/06/2022
Product format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Dot / Pixel, Lesbian, Futanari / Hermaphrodite
File size: 212.18 MB

A war between the mages and regular humans ended with the regular humans acquiring the power of magic. Despite overcoming this hurdle, they possessed no army capable of beating the mages.
Luckily, the half-blooded witches were able to take down the lord of the mages, allowing the world to reset in peace.

The half-blooded witches of the church used their magic and miracles to dispel the crazed magic that warps the regular humans.
The heroine was one such witch.
One day, she receives information from an old church friend named Yuris regarding a certain underground city, and sets off to explore it.

A 2D action game with exploration elements.

Playtime: 3~5 hours

– 14 pixel animations for bondage attacks (not sex = non-penetrative)
– 7 armor break state illustrations
– 4 H pixel animations (including the protagonist)

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I’ve been enjoying this MetroidVania a lot, but… where’s the hentai?
For how long the game is and how huge the map is, the amount of R18 content is pauper…
If you don’t know how to read Japanese, you will probably suffer trying to understand how to make the new skills you acquire work, many of which are important to continue advancing.