[ACT]Daregatame ni Juuwoutsu ver.1.1.0 [English-Machine Translated]

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誰が為に銃を撃つ ~希望と絶望の7日間~

Circle: Talon.company
Release: Sep/06/2021
Product format: Action
Genre: Male Protagonist, School/Academy, Violation, Consensual Sex
File size: 447.4 MB

Overview (Google Translated):
Protect the three girls! ~ Zombie FPS game ~
It’s been a week since my daily life collapsed due to the sudden appearance of a zombie virus. You meet three girls in an abandoned school.
According to the radio, the zombie virus will die in seven days.

Will you protect the girls …?

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how to save the game?

This is easy fps game all about shooting zombies, lot’s of dialogues to skip will be hard without some micros’. Each night there are waves of zombies, simply you survive the night, you fuck the girl, after each night during the dialogue there is a choice which leads to different scenes called “good person” and “devil” overall there are 8 HCGs so four nights by two choices. And for each girl in order to see next HCG you’ll need to see first one, so better choose one girl all the time. At the end gallery mode unlocked. FPS quality 3… Read more »