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Circle: Fuyou
Release: Jun/08/2021
OS: Windows, Linux
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Clothes, Changing/Dress up, Dot/Pixel, Fantasy, Erotic Sexual Denial, Pregnant Woman
File size: 128 MB
Same Series: EP Doll

It’s the second game in “E-Point” series by Fuyou. It’s a spin-off of the first game, EP Doll, but this time we’re doing fun stuff with that strange blue cosmic spiral girl that gave us EP production upgrades in the first game.

It’s similar to the first game, but much smaller and simpler. You play minigames, earn EP, buy items, unlock upgrades, clothing and poses for the girl.
The set of minigames is all-new. They all start slow but steadily increase in difficulty and rewards. You can exit out of a minigame by reaching green portal and keep your rewards, or continue playing to get more and more EP – but one misstep and you lose everything earned in this round. It’s similar to gambling in this way.

Translation Notes:
First I should warn you that:
1. English is not my native language
2. This is (barely) edited machine translation
3. For this type of game it doesn’t really matter all that much

There is just a little bit of text in this game, mostly upgrade and item titles. Still, not understanding what the author tries to tell you sucks, IMO.

There is two lines shown at the start of new game and another, but similar, two lines somewhere deep into the game. Honestly, I have no idea what these are supposed to convey. Probably they are there to give you some randomly-generated code that you should totally write down, and to sound mysterious otherwise. I’ve translated them to the best of my ability to decrypt MTL poetry.

Also I still don’t know what three “EP Tag” upgrades do. Maybe you’ll find that out and tell me, then I’ll update the translation and reupload the game.

Text below is copied from translation notes of EP Doll as it is still 100% applicable to this game as well:

Technically, this is your usual RPG Maker MV game. All Japanese text that I encountered is contained in .json files, none in scripts – so translating this game wasn’t very hard.
Translator++ would probably handle it well, but instead I rolled out my own very simple text extractor and replacer that stores its intermediate results (i.e. “translation patch”) in CSV format. This file can be found inside the archives as “translation.csv”. If you want to improve this translation then write me a PM and I’ll try to help you set up my extractor/replacer program. Or just roll out something of your own too, you’ll get huge respect from me then 🙂

“translation.csv” format is as follows:
1. every line is self-contained and doesn’t depend on other lines
2. every line is split into exactly four parts (columns) by commas (‘,’)
3. first column contains relative path from game’s root directory to a JSON file
4. second column contains a JSON Pointer string that specifies a string value in the JSON file
5. third column contains original text (in Japanese) found in that JSON value. It’s only there for translator’s convenience and doesn’t get used when patching the game. Pair “file path”-“JSON Pointer” is a unique key for each line
6. fourth and final column contains translated version of text in previous column that should be used to replace original text in JSON file

There are no commas in original nor translated text, so you don’t need to bother with escaping squences (like “\,”, for example).

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