[RPG] My Wife Was Stolen by Orcs [English]

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Circle: amedenpa’s workshop
Released: Feb/03/2022
Translator: Saikey NTR Studios
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Prostitution / Paid Dating, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Bestiality, Interspecies Sex, Big Breasts, Pregnant Woman
File size: 573.01 MB

Japanese system locale or locale emulator is required.
[How can I set my system locale to Japanese?]

Your husband, Levi, has been taken prisoner by the Demon King, oh no!
Play as Elysse as you attempt to rescue your husband… There might be a small issue with some orcs, but it’s nothing you cant handle… right?
Will you be able to succesfully save him? Or will you be taken prisoner as well? Or… Perhaps something far worse…?

Elysse, a houswife, sets out on an adventure to rescue her husband, who has been captured after challenging the demon king.
However, she is raped, trained, and made pregnant by the monsters that await her and the perverts lying in wait within the town…

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