[ACT] Galaxy Woman ~Giant Heroine Series~ (JP)

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Circle: DelicacyDelicacy
Release: Jun/25/2020
Product format: Action
Genre: Anime, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Rape, Interspecies Sex, Big Breasts, Supersize
File size: 60.5 MB

* Story

The year is 20XX, and Earth is under attack from dangerous monster.
Cities are being destroyed, chaos is spreading, and the military is of no use.

In this time of peril, a young heroine in the Galaxy Force is dispatched to Earth
to do battle with these monsters…

* Hand-drawn animation
Featuring hand-drawn animation crafted page-by-page.
Enjoy all the subtle yet erotic touches, such as swaying breasts
and the shaking of her ass during kicks.

* Fighting action
This is a fighting action game, however, you are doomed to be defeated.
And when you are, monster rape awaits…

* Other
Recommended for loves of giantess heroines.
Includes 5 types of enemies (With ecchi animations for each)

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Link 2

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ultraman hentai


can’t get the torrent file again, that pop up site so annoying
used to be torrent magnet, why change into this? will leave this site forever