[ACT] Day Dream ~When Butterflies Flutter~ [JP-CH]

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~Day Dream~蝶が舞う頃に

Circle: BrownSugarPrunes
Released: Mar/31/2022
Product format: Action
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Female Protagonist, Student Uniform, Occult, Violation, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex
File size: 277.61 MB

A girl awakens in a dark wasteland with no memories.
In this dangerous world, shady figures lurk in every shadow.
Make sure she doesn’t get caught.

A mysterious girl in white hair appears before her, but as soon as they make eye contact, she disappears.
Follow the white-haired girl, find lost memories, acquire peculiar powers, and explore this new world!

“Welcome to the garden of ██ —-”

H Scenes
– Clothing will be stripped after taking a certain amount of attacks.
– Fatal blows will trigger H scenes.
– Contains a combination of H scenes and CG scenes.
Event CG is included as well, which can be locked by collect lost memory fragments.

26 H animation scenes
13 CG animations
13 H scenes

13 Event CG
39 total images

Includes a hand-drawn & animated ending, along with a variation for full memory recollection.

– Atmospheric scenes
– Proper checkpoints
– Heart-pounding boss fights
– Easy Mode for those who aren’t good at action games.

← → : Movement
Z: Jump
X: Attack
C: Save
R: Heal
Space: Jump
Shift: Dash

F: Use
D: H scene toggle
Tab: Control explanation
ESC: Menu

F2: Easy Mode
Significantly changes the game experience.
Can be turned off at any time.

* Language settings can be found via the TOP RIGHT ICON of the Main Menu.

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Link 2

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Good CG, but that’s all the good point about this game…
This game has loads of bugs…
The most deadly bug is animations are too fast, which effects trap speed… Assuming you are NVIDIA GPU user, you can fix this bug by open ‘control panel’ > Manage 3D settings > Program setting > Add > Add the game program > Monitor Technology > Fixed Refresh.
However the other bug like save bug after first boss, infinite loading bug… etc, those seems cannot be fixed.
I think that I’ll stay in touch if this game getting updated with bug fixes…


I end this game fight last boss.
but i miss last 2 memory.
How to find does anyone know?