[SLG] Reapers Order ~The Lewdwood Village of Segurmet~ ver.2.0.06 [English-Machine Translated]

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死神教団 ~淫森に呑まれた村セグルメット

Circle: Circle Meimitei
Release: Apr/29/2021
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Clothed, Male Protagonist, Touch/Feel, Sister/Nun, Fantasy, Cuckoldry (Netori), Outdoor Exposure, Coercion/Compulsion
File size: 1.06 GB

Cheat & Full Save included

You need to set School name and Hero name in Option before starting the New Game

A certain man is banished from the clergy…
He is a “Saint” that can hear the voice of “God.” A man burdened with the fate of all mankind.
In order to save the world, the one and true god must be incarnated into this world.
… Powered of course by the souls of the good and righteous.

Step 1: Build a church.
Step 2: Gather the faithful.
Step 3: ?????
Step 4: Profit.

52 base event CGs (Not including pose art and enemy graphics)
8 different heroines (some characters have outfit variations)
Voices included!

Management Mode
This is a simulation game about managing a religious organization. It’s up to you to work opn behalf of your god to build your organization and gather a flock for them to lead! It won’t be hard with your mysterious charms, and once they’re devoted to the cause you can put them to work! If you have enough manpower, that is…

You can build lots of different structures in the village, which will affect its growth. As your organization grows, you’ll receive requests. Make sure to open your ears to the will of the people!

Sky Burial Mode
Once construction is finished, it’s time to start gathering the faithful! Depending on their stats, they’ll excel at some jobs more than others. As you all work together, you’ll get to know one another. Get close enough, and you can find out other devotees’ secrets…

God is selfish and kind of a slob, but still has quotas to fill. If your order falls short, it’ll be destroyed. Work hard to build the organization, but be careful that the village’s stats don’t fall too low!

Only you can see or hear god, and it’s your job to help them incarnate into the physical realm.
God has no H scenes. Not in this, at least… (try “Reapers Club”!)

Interrogation Mode
There are no heroines in your order at the beginning of the game. Play on and fulfill certain conditions to build your discipleship! They say that if you gather enough noble souls, god will be able to take physical form.

However, the heroines’ souls aren’t quite noble enough at the start. First they must be purified by the saints and granted a diving blessing. Grant the girls these (deeply sexual) blessings in front of the faithful to make their spirits worthy of the lord!

H Scenes
Lots of different situations!
– Sexually harassing girls as part of a “trial”
– Girls working as holy whores and selling themselves door-to-door!
– Invoking the right of primae noctis
– Making a girl marry your subordinate, then watching what they get up to
And more!

Changelog – Check the Ci-en support page for details

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Link 2

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Nie Pok

I played for an hour, lost a few times and I still don’t understand why and what the game is all about :p Maybe it’s just my idiocy, so I won’t rate the game.


Well, this is an interesting game, but the traduction is so trashy that i can’t understand anyway, and after some time it even stops translating, i’ll keep triying to understand how to advance. Thank you!


100% save file: https://mega.nz/file/RJwwnSIT#twH_1eY6JQv3nMUyb27h80tDf_4wSRQlJB9SbohNDeM

Copy the “system.json” and paste into [save] folder in your game directory, and enjoy. Have some fizzy bubblech!


Ok after hours of playing with really Rough Translation, I got lost in this game. First this game is a management in a cult, you are the “Holy” father of death god in middle of nowhere forest. You start with tiny portion of land and later get some explanations and that’s where the annoying starts. First translation issue, second related to first issue is you are suppose to develop the church, but you might have no idea how since the translation pretty messed up. Third is the church requires Sacrifice from your apostles and that’s where I have to stop.… Read more »


i played for 5 mins and im stucked already…


This game looked great, but the machine translation is one of the worst I’ve seen recently. I was starting to think they were getting pretty good too. Man…