[RPG] Nightmare School ~Lost Girls~ [English]

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Circle: dieselmine-Int’l-
Release: Oct/13/2020
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Dot/Pixel, Decadent/Immoral, Foot Job, Reverse Rape, Submissive Man, Loli
File Size: 497 MB

Our hero enters a school for training, but the moment he steps into the classroom, he gets
swarmed and raped by schoolgirls! Escape the school while avoiding the mob of lewd ladies![Situations]
– Forced cowgirl in the classroom
– Getting endlessly squeezed dry while being treated like a chair
– Get caught in a game of tag, and it’s gang-rape time!
– And more…![Story]
Our hero enters a school for training. He had a weird feeling about the strange place as soon as he
passed through the gate, and then a lone girl called out to him. She led him to a classroom… and as
soon as he entered, he was attacked and assaulted.

This is a mysterious school that’s not on any map — nor does anyone seem to have heard of it.
Can our off-track hero find his way out? or will he be trapped in the school forever?

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For an 2D RPG it’s pretty good if you are into dominant loli girl’s give it a try, the story is short and straight forward. The character design is great for a slideshow H scene which i personally don’t like, but it’s also worth to watch. 4/5 Which is carried by the awesome character drawing.


Well that sucks most of it were japanese and not english like the CGs

Fap For Fun - Free Hentai Download

updated to official translation

Cube Square

“This page could not be found!”

When clicking on download.


Not the first game when MC must evade hentai scene. This guy either he’s gay or sexphobia. Which is entirely in wrong game, in wrong place. Drawing is pretty good for 2d. Sound actress supported but the sounds effects rather a wet sounds more like your muscle having cram. 3/5.


Great game for the style, sadly it’s so short.
The art is really good and it’s even voiced, thou the pixel art sometimes leaves a it to wish for, as some look weird.

Looked up the dev in DLsite and sadly most of his other games are bad and full of huge boobed monsters.