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Developer: Anime Lilith
Release: 2017-09-01
Translator: Sarica
Work Format: Visual Novel
Genre: Animated, Male protagonist, Multiple endings, Voiced, Anal sex, Ahegao, BDSM, Big tits, Bukkake, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Group sex, Groping, Humiliation, Internal view, Lactation, Male Domination, Masturbation, Multiple penetration, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Rape, Scat, Sex toys, Slave, Stripping, Titfuck, Urination, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Graphic violence, Mind control, School setting, Sci-fi
File Size: 2.87 GB (3.19 GB)

Japanese system locale or Locale Emulator is required

An age of space-faring.

Several planets have already undergone terraforming and the territory of mankind has spread throughout our solar system. The united human federation is established and the dream of “peace” that humanity has striven for brings hope to the heavens but… That hope, was soon to be struck down, to be trampled upon and discarded in the dark abyss of despair. It was only a matter of time before Spacenoids and Earthnoids ended up in conflict and with a third party making an entrance, the history of mankind entered a new age of chaos.

…And at a New Solar Military Academy, news of the heroine of “Hermes Battle” becoming a special academic instructor spreads. The students are filled with awe, inspiration and passion but, not everyone is awaiting her arrival with a positive attitude… Lurking in the darkness, licking his lips, the school council president Albert Pain is preparing for her arrival with feelings of a different vector.

He lost everything in the Hermes Battle and has vowed to take his vengeance out upon the New Solar faction… as an undercover agent, he will use top secret technology to brainwash the heroines of Hermes and turn them into FemSwine—!

Earth Year 2256, Space Year 46, New Space Year 2. A new tale of dastardly conspiracy will take place at an Elite Military Academy on the fringes of the solar system…​

Translator Notes:
May 20th 2021.

Please go easy on me, as this is my first ever localization
of anything of this size, and I’m still learning.

By downloading and playing this version, you will essentially
be “Beta Testing” the game. No one but me has played the translated
version of Prison Academia, which means that it’s fairly untested.

However, since the game is playable from start to end right now,
I decided to release it as is, so that people can try it out.

Expect a few typos here and there, some awkward sentences, perhaps
some strange line cutting.

I did my best to eliminate as many of these as I could find, but there
are bound to be some that I missed, as there is quite a bit of dialogue
in this game.

I kindly ask that you inform me of any typos that you encounter,
so that I can fix them. Just shoot me a Private Message.
I will of course be hunting for them myself, and overall
polish the game more over the next week or so, so expect
a “polished/typo patch” relatively soon. After that, I will upload
the “Final Version” along with the patch for those who already downloaded
this version. Also, I might be bringing a “partial uncensor” patch as well.
But that needs more work. We’ll see.

I HIGHLY recommend that you play using either FONT 1 or FONT 4,
as FONT 3 can cause some problems (although I did my best to eliminate
most of them), and FONT 2 was made for Japanese characters and looks
horrible with the Roman alphabet. I personally use FONT 4.

Thank you!

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I just wanna know, does the game warn you if a scene contains scat or is that a setting you can turn off?