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To all my current supporters and anyone that about to support me on Patreon,

With the latest incident. Look like it’s time to say goodbye to Patreon.
My Patreon is now not related with my blog anymore. Except for annual membership (read more below). And for anyone that just support me on Patreon recently, Your Premium will still lasts 30 days from your last payment as usual.
Patreon’s logo was removed from my blog.
Monthly fanart will be the only thing to get here if anyone still choose to support me here from now on.

I will stop using this Patreon page soon. Please switch your support to my PixivFANBOX:

For 10$+ supporters:
If you supporting me on pixivFANBOX for 10$(¥1100) or above. Please also message me on the blog and let me know your pixiv username so I can match it with your FFF-ID. (You do this only once)

For current annual supporters on Patreon:
Your premium will last a year as usual and I will continue to post monthly artwork on Patreon until the end of this year. You can move to PixivFANBOX later.
Ps. Artworks on pixivFANBOX has to be censored. But I can find my way around that later.

This gonna affect my income at least this month but it had to be done.

I really hope that you guys will continue to support me, Thank you!

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i’ll wait for the loli content comes back


I want the loli and bestiality and more! no to stupid censorship!


I have to say, I had my fears when you said you would take out the lolis of the page, but I’m really glad for you and for us, that you had a good grip on your wits and your determination, Patreon can suck for all we care about, and now, let there be lolis! XD

Jet Black

Lost Life 1.32 by Happy Lamb Barn & apk?

Last edited 3 years ago by Jet Black
St. Haborym

Thank you so much for giving patreon the finger and restoring the loli content


Best of luck with everything!!!


poor oppressed pedos ;-;