[ACT] Setalia the Demon Realm ver.1.1 (JP)

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Circle: UzuraZanakku
Release: Apr/22/2021 0
Product format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Dot/Pixel, Ahegao/Gapeface, Futanari / Hermaphrodite
File size: 119.67 MB

* Notes:
This product contains many horror elements.

Setalia is a small, forested area dotted with villages in the northeastern corner of the kingdom.
When word spreads that a large portal to another world has appeared, and the damage caused
from it is spreading, the kingdom dispatches a lone warrior to deal with it.
Anika is an experienced exorcist with both the tools for extermination,
and the know-how. But what she found in Setalia was…

In a world of swords and magic, Anika’s “spirit” Gatling gun stands out.
Connected with the user’s ****, if it fires too much, something other than bullets might come out…

[Danger Awaits]
Horny insects looking for mating partners, devilish traps, and other threats stand in Anika’s way.
Don’t forget to return to town, and power up for the journey ahead.

Keyboard & mouse
Gamepad compatible

[H Scenes]
25 + 3 Game Over scenes

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This is an actual good game. No gallery, but it’s all weird monster rape. If you’re into that type of thing, theres plenty of it.


what version is it ?


The dev plans to add a gallery in the next update I believe.


Is this the bugged version or the current revised version?


Game is actually very good. Fun progression, good lewds, good variety. Crashing in the 2nd map though but getting a good first impression.

jeong chanmin

Is there jump scare? I’m okay with horror without it

zz ping

Smoothly progressed to the end. It’s the complete version. After defeating final boss, gallery mode is unlocked thru a fast-travel portal

*** spoiler ***
There is one tiny horror area in the Abandoned House section, and it’s not avoidable.
After you are near the end of the door-labyrinth, a poltergeist will haunt you, you can either guess your way out or just touch it and got transferred to a time limited area, just try all the doors. After that, there’s no horror left.



my name

I actually really enjoyed this game. Does anyone have a recommendation of something similar to this?

George Dent

Newer players who aren’t used to old school ‘map? what map ?’ type of platform action might need some pen and paper.

Either that or old me simply did not find the key to bring it up.

Last edited 2 years ago by George Dent