[RPG] Bewitched! ~The Witches of Remlia~ [English]

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Bewitched! ~レムリアの魔女達~

Circle: 7 Roads 1 Taste
Release: Oct/31/2020
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Magician/Witch, Lovey Dovey/Sweet Love, Decadent/Immoral, Coquettish/Seduction, Fantasy, Submissive Man, Male protagonist, Turn based combat, Submission Male, Romance, Sex Battle, Revers Rape, Humiliation, Violation
File Size: 377.78 MB

After the protagonist’s mother was killed via witch hunt in his village when he young,
he and his father escaped. However, his father disappeared soon after, and he was
left to live alone far off in the mountains.
But one day, a certain curse befalls him, and he is spirited away to another world known as “Remlia”.
The lewd witches of Remlia seek to turn the protagonist’s spirit into magical energy by making
him a pleasure slave, but…will their plan succeed?

* Compatible with mouse-only control. Text-skip functionality included

* Difficulty levels included

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this game had a very good start but failed when you reached the second witch. very short “maps”, but an insane amount of enemies. this was the most frustrating and time consuming part. it´s the same insane amount of enemies like in “breath of fire 1+2”. you make 2-3 steps – enemy, again a few steps – enemy and so on… and playing this game in “hell-mode” makes it really a hell of a game. because of this mode, i had fun for hours, while simply following the story and without watching any h-scene, other than after losing a fight.… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Dolph

wow, any more of these? I know the creator made a 2nd game