[RPG] The Mercenary’s Adventure ver.2.05 [English]

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Circle: takamakuran
Release: Mar/03/2021
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Male Protagonist, Breasts, RPG Maker, Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Fantasy, Internal Cumshot
File Size: 147.54 MB

An RPG about a newbie mercenary on a wild adventure he’s not prepared for

An unfortunate encounter with a mighty demon leaves you stuck
with a curse that is as silly as it is lethal, and the search
for the cure will be both thrilling and difficult.

* Uncover ancient conspiracies and explore the land.
* Meet many beauties, some human and some not, and have sex with all of them!(100+ base HCGs)
* Overcome every challenge in your way and find many secrets.

Expected playtime is roughly 10 hours.

This game is made with RPG Maker VX Ace.

To play it you will need to install RTP(run time package) for RPG Maker VX Ace,
which you can get for free from the following links:

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is it only me, or do others have the same problem with crashes after a few seconds visiting the inn? it happened too often and got me extremely frustrated, because i had to do the same quests over and over because i forgot to save the game… after the fourth time, after the game crashed again, i simply deleted this crap of a game. not worth any time anymore!

and for those who need help with the game: Complete Walkthrough Of Game(First Time) And Full Save P.S- Scenes that say part 2 include additional scenes not seen through first interaction. 1. Spawn in the game and defeat the first slime 2. Enter Green Town and Sleep in The Inn 3. Attempt to leave Green Town the blacksmith will give you a quest to get 10 slime cores 4. Defeat the number of required blue slimes 5. Talk to the blacksmith to tell him you’ve completed his request (Afterward there should be question mark in town where you can see… Read more »


Very low quality drawing, zero voice actress, why would I even start to play this rubbish..


Hot damn! I didn’t know how a poorly drawn 2D rpg game could instill such refreshing and satisfying feeling in me after playing it. The characters were short on dialogues but rich in expressions. Loved the atmosphere it gives when the scenes play and you come across different kind of enemies. The battle sprites and attacks were captivating the art on the enemy are certainly unique to me. Man after playing for about 20 hours and coming to the end it’s really felt good. Even if there are no voices on characters it’s still HIGHLY fappable, I came loads that… Read more »


To anyone having problems with the game crashing all the time, you will be given a Autosave item by the game in the beginning DO NOT forget to turn it on, it saves after a fight or an event and you can Quickload from the menu.

Also the only girls that you can’t SXX until yo kill the Final boss (Blue sorcerer)
-Goggles (hero) (Soldier)
-Queen of insects/ plants (forgot the name)
just so you dont have to waste ur time.


Just so you know, he’s updated the English version to version 3. If you’re able to update that’d be awesome since he added new content.