[ACT] Sakura Segment ver.1.0 [English-Uncen]

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Circle: Ulimworks
Released: Aug/16/2023
Work Format: Action
Genre: Touch / Feel, 3D Works, Fantasy, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Fiendish / Brutal, Rape
File size: 2.67 GB

To play with uncensored, start the game with “Sakura Segment ver.1.0\SakuraSegment_10\Binaries\Win64\SakuraSegment_10-Win64-Shipping.exe”

There is no story part, but it is a miniature garden game where cute girls can do whatever they want. Act freely with casual actions and unlock heroines and costumes.​

■ System
・Casual action that allows you to switch between top-down and subjective viewpoints
・Mouse and keyboard operation (WASD) ・Gamepad support (assuming Xbox controller/vibration)
*Strong enemies can be defeated easily by sniping them from a distance from a subjective perspective.

■ Earn points
・The 3 types of points you earn are required to use skills and are also used to unlock costumes.
・Let’s open costumes at the shops scattered on the map

■ H scene
・You can seamlessly hunt the heroine
・The posture changes depending on the heroine’s state, such as sneaking up from behind, knocking her down with an attack, or restraining her.
・There are 10 types of hunt motions.

■ Inside the temple
・ Once hunted, two heroines will randomly appear in the temple in the middle of the area.
“You will be able to change to a more open costume

■ Graphics settings
・If there is noise in the horizontal direction, turn on the vertical sync item (vertical sync ~)
・If the game stutters or the number on the upper left of the screen is 30 or less, try lowering the (resolution scale) value to around 70.

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This is a very stiff, action-y, adventure-y 3D game. It’s unique in the sense that you can freely switch from both first person and third person. Problem is, both camera types gave me a minor headache and feel clunky in their own unique ways. Enemies are numerous, respawn quickly, and ranged enemies in particular are a nightmare and can sometimes shoot through walls. The 3D models for the H scenes are quite nice, but the animations are pretty standard and there aren’t all that many and I found myself bored of them pretty quickly. Gameplay 3/5 H-rating: 2/5 Definitely a… Read more »


Use cheat engine for infinite resource cause skills use up resource. You can 100% the game with it by using only first skill (The charge slashing something) in less than 20 mins. Each costume cost too much so expect boring grind when play normally. H scenes change depend on the state of girls, skill you use on her, and something I dont even understand cause it so complicate. Don’t know if I need to segs with girls to unlock them to gallery or all of them unlock at the end when grab gallery unlock item. Can get up to 8… Read more »

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