[VN] Fruity Rangers Peach’s Predicament [English]

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Developer: Torpedo
Release: Japanese 2012-03-23, English 2020-11-30
Work Format: Visual Novel
Genre: anal sex, oral sex, vaginal sex, rape, turn based combat, monster, monster girl, bdsm, fantasy, adventure, groping, group sex, female protagonist, voiced, creampie, transformation
File Size: 272 MB

The heroine Peach – captured by the evil organization P*TT and brought to their secret hideout.
Forced into the center of an arena teeming with enemy fighters, she confronts Strawberry Corn, the Overlord of P*TT.

’’I’ll have you tortured and killed. Your body will serve as an inspiration for my many underlings.’’
’’Heh. Should’ve expected nothing less from a demented freak show like this.’’
Peach replies sarcastically to calm herself down, but here she has no weapons or comrades.
With no hope of rescue, her inner anxiousness only increases.
That’s when the Overlord makes an offer.
’’Pick one of the three minions I’ve prepared. If you survive the fight, then I shall spare your life.’’
Peach can’t believe him so quickly, but she has no other way to survive.
’’I’ll play your game. I’m not going down without a fight.’’
The conditions are bad, but Peach accepts his proposal.

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