[SLG] Yotogimichi ~Countryside Summer Break with Tapioca-chan~ ver.3.1.2 + DLC [EnglishMTL-Uncen]

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夜伽道 ~タピオカちゃんと田舎の夏休み~

Circle: BouSoft
Release: Oct/17/2020
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Clothed, Touch/Feel, Anime, Internal Cumshot, Sexual Training, Loli, Younger Sister, Big Breasts, animated, big ass, big tits, incest, fantasy, male protagonist, groping, teasing, vaginal sex, titfuck, anal sex, oral sex, handjob, masturbation, sex toys
File Size 2.24 GB

1. Full save included, just press continue
2. Japanese system locale or locale emulator is required, you can run the game without it but you might get some errors or can’t progress.
3. Internet connection is required for auto-translation to work

A daily life simulation / fondling game about spending summer break in the countryside with your little sister.

Go to different places around the region. Mountains, rivers, barren lots, candy shops, baths, and more.

Play games, work jobs, and eat food and snacks.

Deepen your relationship with your little sister as you roam about, and get money and items.
The list of things you can do and places you can go just keeps increasing!

H with Freedom
The game has a high level of freedom with the groping and the H!
By getting friendlier with your little sister, she’ll start to accept your lewd requests.

What kind of H?
You can feel up all kinds of spots.
The game is mainly mouse control, but is compatible with keyboard inputs.
Feel with your hands, tease with your mouth, jerk off, and more.
At first, you can only use your hands.
Adult toys and aphrodisiac make an appearance as well.
Put those vibrators to use!
Make her eat a Papuco ice candy, even during the H action.
You can choose to get it all over her face, as well.
Papuco recovers energy, and has a little alcohol in it, which makes people get a bit frisky.
Get that sticky stuff all over her face, clothes, and body.
Flip up her skirt, or slip off those panties. Of course, clothed H is fine too.
Handjob, titjob, fellatio is available too, of course.
What color are her panties today, I wonder?
As you progress, you can buy her new panties, and dress her up as well.
Controls are displays during fondling action, but they can be toggled off.
The more ecchi training you give your little sister, the lewder she becomes.

May 03, 2022 Bug fixes
Fixed a bug that some resolutions are changed on the title screen.
Fixed a hole sometimes appearing under the surface of the river.

Jul / 27/2021 Bug fixes
Fixed a bug that the vending machine at the travel destination (hot spring) was not working properly.

Jul / 26/2021 Bug fixes, Content added
Added items that can be fixed while keeping it open, added a function to change clothes with a pair of underwear top and bottom, fixed other problems, etc.

Jul / 18/2021 Bug fixes, Content added
(Important) With the introduction of pubic hair, the paid DLC “Underwear & Eyes + Hair” has been revised. If you have already installed it, be sure to use the latest version.

Jul / 13/2021 Bug fixes
Fixed that the mouse pointer was hidden when approaching when attacking with the mouth, and it was hard to get angry.

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I still have this strange bug. As soon as I load a save, the days have proceeded to 290 or another high value. And the other numbers (like the damage) are also absurdly high, which makes the whole H pointless with 700 or 1000 damage per touch. Does anyone else have this problem and know what causes it?


wow this game is kinda eerie behind all that.. shops are open almost 24 hours, money falling out of nowhere, vacant houses, depopulation, big school and downtown with barely any people, legal drugs, and that weird weather… this needs attention

EDIT: Interesting. The creator of this game had already made a sidescrolling shoot em upgame with the same character where you battle horrific monsters in the night prior to this one, and the description about this game in DLsite says its the same girl in the same setting. So apparently, they have a H-game universe set already, lol

Last edited 3 years ago by randomlurker
Scarlet Komori

it is a weird feeling. by now i like machine auto translate the best solely because i can turn them off. most of the time the translation is off anyway regardless of where they came from so my best choice is often to turn them off or look for an untranslated version.


Can I play this game on Android


As much as i do like to play this game but the female character is so ugly …


Full save not working or am I stupid?


No save file please update


Is there any chance that the last DLC can be uploaded here? just asking


Maybe this new version is bugged, in my case it’s not letting me do anything during H moments, like, anything at all.>_<


They could not at least draw the character prettier ?


i’m at day 170 and still discovering new features.
if anyone knows how to get the broken state during H please do tell me how, i’ve only gotten it once by accident somehow.