[SLG] Nightfall – Tapioca-chan and Countryside Summer Vacation- (JP)

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夜伽道 ~タピオカちゃんと田舎の夏休み~

Circle: BouSoft
Release: Oct/17/2020 0
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Clothed, Anime, Internal Cumshot, Sexual Training, Big Breasts, Loli, Younger Sister, Touch/Feel
File size: 1.07GB

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any know how to penetrate her? I did it once by accident, but everytime i try i just end up rubbing her pussy over & over, also had anyone figured out if anal is possible?


Do you know how it progresses in scenes H? Nothing happens to me, the girl just sits there on the floor. Something appears to click with the left and right mouse buttons but nothing happens.


I raised her 1st stat to 100 by playing the arcade game a bunch then keep selecting option 2 when pressing the heart icon for H, she gives dialog & you have to choose option 1 or 2, just keep repeating until you select the correct options and new h will unlock then repeat till shes completely nude, still don’t really know how to have sex thou.


Okay, I’m bad in english, but I’ll try to explain. First of all, you should up her stats in place that located top right corner on the map (I don’t know when it unlocks. I think, you just should ern some money and wait for it some days).  You can raise it by paying 10000 Y (once in a day (push dialog button to do it)). There will be 5 choises: 1 – up her 1 stat 2 – up her 2 stat 3 – guess please 4 – your max energy 5 – end of dialog   When you… Read more »

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I just can’t do the anal thing.


Read last 3 paragraphs

And the last one tip I forgot
U should use pose with the purple exclamation mark before anal

And the super last one:
The second tyoe of tubes – drugs

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t try many times, but the hole is still too small, only can stick the key. i have pose and i dont kown which is true


Just lube it and try this pose harder (maybe you should “lube -> pose -> lube -> pose” until you see that it is working

P.S. With this pose you can forget about key. That’s enough

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anyone know what’s a good translator to use? Reipatcher isn’t working for some reasons

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this would help so much, or even knowing how to raise the other 2 stats really, or what the stats are lol


bepinex+xunity tl works like a charm
Just need to increase the max character translated on the config file


can you give me detailed information on how i can do this? thanks m8


1.extract the game
2.extract bepinex x86 to the game directory (where the game exe located)
3.launch the game once so it generates the files needed
4.extract xunity-autotl-bepine-5x to the game directory
5.launch it again to see if everything is working and confirm it by pressing alt+1
5.1 exit the game
6.go to bepinex/config and open autotranslatorconfig.ini with any text editor
7.search for MaxCharactersPerTranslation=200
8.change the number to something higher i did 500
9.save the changes
10.launch the game

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it worked! Cheers m8


okay so i get stuck on like the third line in the beginning and no matter how many times i click, nothing happens


hmm, you mean you see dialog and it stoped?


ah yeah poor choice of sentance. i get like 3 to 4 dialogs and it just stops.


I had same problem Use jap locale emulator https://github.com/xupefei/Locale-Emulator/releases


well thank you now it works 🙂


How do you interact with her while in H mode?
She is laying in the ground, she even tell me to lift her skirt. But I cannot click, I can just move the mouse around. Some controls appear above her but the click, wheel, etc, won’t work….