[SLG] Black Market [English-Official]

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Circle: E-made+
Release: May/08/2020
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Prostitution/Paid Dating, Sex Industry/Soapland, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Internal Cumshot, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Childbirth, Gut Punch, Ryona/Brutal
File Size: 151MB

You find an ad for a position as the manager of a certain nighttime establishment.
What more, it seems the pay is really good…
Take a step into that world with heroine Ria in this management game.

[About the game]
Hire girls, make rooms for them, and put them to work!
From the second day on, the “company president” will come to collect his due.
If you run out of cash…?
The girls may end up with sexual illnesses, or get creampied and impregnated.
If they work too hard, they might even die.
As you acquire skills, unique characters will arrive to aid you in your management.
See if you can raise enough money to make your own house, and move in with your favorite girl!

[Randomly generated girls]
3 breast sizes x 2 clothing types
5 frontal hair options x 5 other hair options + 3 eyebrow variations
10 skin colors
Unlimited hair, eye, and clothing colors
12 special powers
8 personalities
Also includes different star levels, voices, profiles, and more!

[H scenes]
19 room types (13 ero). Animations change after upgrading.
Bad end and happy end included for the heroine.

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Link 2

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Is there any MOD’s for this game?


Okay people, I’ve seen and played numerous Hentai games with prostitution simulation and I thought I’ve seen it all. But not this game.. First I thought human trafficking’s already worse enough, this game is on the next level. As usual you are in debt with a loan shark to return the money daily basis. Every day gets higher and how you repay it, by of course by prostitutions. In this game however you not only selling hookers but also use them even after they are dead. Indeed, this game allow you to let them work to death, literally. After they are… Read more »

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Thanks cap for the english version


Wait, i know this one. It’s a classic. Also, instead of a Den of Devil where we use human like cattles, i turn it into an orphange and basically a Revival Church for prostitutes. No eating human here, and free spa thrice a day. Staying as zombie or being human at your own choice( if you can have one) Just don’t go down the basement, it’s a little spooky down there. And yes, i managed to do it by using the method of children sacrifice. Don’t worry, they don’t die. Yeah, this game is where i lost some of my… Read more »

Faith Rolled

This new “official” version is censored.
The previous version was not.

Faith Rolled

For the uncensored version all you have to do is go to this folder:
/Black Market_Data/StreamingAssets/XML/
and create a .txt file and rename it to: Non.bat (so it doesn’t end with .txt anymore!)

That’s all. No need to put anything in the text file itself.

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Good Game <3


I hope I can use keyboard aswd move lol my hand tired


How do I lower distrust???

Edit: just let the cop come and distrust will go down…

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i thought the mixer room is some kind of music room… i was wrong .. O-O


Here is a link to a save with everything unlocked if anyone need it.
Game is rather disturbing so don’t give it too much though.

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Ok so I bought it on Dlsite my question is how do I remove the censorship


Its A really fucked up game, i do not advise it, for real this is the most fucked up shit i ever played