[SLG] Save a Soul ver.3 [English]

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Circle: KubeK
Release: Aug/10/2020
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Abnormal/Perverted, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Daughter
File Size: 2.48GB

Once upon a time, there was a cruel and bloody war.
The war was long ten years.

Finally, only one warrior gave the end to that massacre.

His name was Lord Usher and from that moment he became a hero.

But he was not happy.

At home there wasn’t noboddy one that awaiting his return.

No wife… no kids… only an empty house.

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This is the worst game release of 2020. A pile load of bugs with bad game mechanics. The dev even failed in gfx (look at her a… hole). Also most of it is uncensored if decrypting in sencondary folder consuming double space.

yeet yeet

I wouldn’t say it’s the worst- i can even say this game had great premise. But i kinda agree with bad game mechanics and some graphical elements are bad indeed. This game feels like it was too ambitious for its creators. I would recommend trying it, but it’s no banger like Teaching Feeling or Lost Life.


I don’t dislike this game, but the gameplay is one of the worst i played so far. anyway, there is a way to open oll the contents?, an uncensored mode, a cheat mode?


Absolutely, trash. I’m a blowjob fetish type of guy in every sex game/ porn/ animation / live-action. There’s literally an option saying oral but the only animation is licking, 2 handjob by the girl or the main character. and the only way to ejaculate is the main character jacking it off himself or the girl. Such a fucking letdown. There’s also an input command asking her to give you a blowjob. Yes, ” Blow-Job ” . None.


Gameplay is just awful, I was initially interested in the western-ish style but once I saw how she actually looks ingame I died inside. If you’re interested in this, try Demon Steele and the Dog Princess, Lost Life or Imouto! Life Monochrome.


I remember I actually bought this game on DLSite… For 20$….. It isn’t in my games library anymore so I think DLSite removed it, I sure hope they did lol. This game is hot trash.