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Circle: KooooN Soft
Release: Sep/18/2020
Work Format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Breasts, Dot/Pixel, Anime, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Warrior
File Size: 246.58MB

A slightly ecchi side-scrolling hi-res pixel art action game. Made in Unity.* Take control of a bikini-armor-clad girl, and slash, dodge, parry,
and masturbate your way to the goal.Main situations involve interspecies sex.
Includes silky smooth animation made using Spine.

30 enemy sex animations (15 enemies x 2 each)
1 game over
3 masturbation

Speed, ejaculation, climax, afterward, etc. can be applied

7 stages total
Gallery mode unlocks on game completion
* Updates are planned

* Contains voice, SFX, and BGM

[2021/05/05 ver1.50]
-Added Game Over 5.
-Changed the behavior of the Finish button in the gallery.
-Fixed a bug that the screen could not be reached to the top of the screen even if the screen was moved when enlarging.

[2021/02/25 ver1.40]
-Added Game Over 4.

[2021/01/06 ver1.30]
-Added Game Over 3.
-Implemented English localization.
-Fixed so that it is displayed in front when masturbating Succubus.

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The game never starts, when you click on start game there’s a picture of the heroine standing around and then some text fades in extremely slowly, and eventually it’ll prompt you to press Z. However, nothing happens even if you do.


I hope it has a sequel


pretty good game


Are there plans to update this game? V1.50 is out a few days ago


Really good game despite the super slow text fading effect which it’s pretty annoying, i recommend you set the game at HARD difficulty plus do not getting any weapon upgrades to make the experience lasts bit longer.


v1.65 is already out, please update.


Looking forward when the new v1.65 update comes in!