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Because I want to thank you for all the support from you guys.

So I decided to make all Weekly Rewards, Core Mix and Monthly Rewards which were supporter-only contents to become Free Downloads from now on.
But they will only last until each month. Then you can get them separately on Gumroad or support me on Lich King tier and gain access to all of them.

Click for available rewards for current month

Since all of that becomes free, Of course our supporters will get something more than that.

Starting from next month, 2$ supporters will get unique fan art (with the UNCENSORED version for 5$ tier) from an artist Nonoririn which officially co-op with me now.

Again, All of these are possible because of all the support from you guys.
Thank you and I hope you will continue to support us!

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Why Ask

Best wishes

Ivaylo Bozhkov

Nice, long time ago I stopped downloading them, but you deserve the support!

Shuurou Ryuuzou

Thank you very much. I really wanted to get some of them uncensored doujinshi but unable to even support you because I have no way to use my debit card on any of the platforms. Really appreciate it. Good luck on the path.


Thank you very much! I wish you all the best for the future.