[2D Hentai] PunyuPuri XX – Yamiyo to Hoshi no Maidkan (Ut ameris, amabilis esto) [Full+Video]

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闇夜ト星ノ冥土館 ◆ぷにゅぷりXX◆

Circle: Tinkle Bell
Release: Oct/27/2006
File Format: EXE , AVI
Genre: Violation, Maid, Futanari/Hermaphrodite
File Size: 1.7 GB

Another masterpiece from TINKLE BELL, and the latest work in the PunyuPuri series!

– Groundbreaking features including the new-tech 2.5 EX.D (Extra Dimension), and Perfect Lip sync!

– 2.5. EX.D
New evolution!! Overwhem the limitation of the current After Effects technology! Super quality animation! Today is the day that you will experience the most challenging and the most successful work in the filed of doujin!

– Perfect Lip sync
All scenes feature the advanced technology Lip sync used in some of the major animation films.
It enables to perform complex tasks of the sound production segment in the scenes.

The characters’ lips perfectly match the words and tone of voice!
Experience the true Punypuri Animation!!!

– This is by far the largest volume in the Punypuri series, containing 140 cuts of sex actions, 70 cuts of non-sex story segment, and 130 patterns of character animation, totalling hundreds of images!

Girl characters are voice acted by a cast of promissing voice actresses who passed the audition we had.

TINKLE BELL’s first attempt of using male characters!
– Succeeded to picture man’s muscle and bone structure!
TINKLE BELL’s first hard sex scene is sure to satisfy your sadistic desire! It also features a character with little breasts for the first time in the series.

Exciting cinematic sound!
The beautiful classical sound creates a perfect atmosphere for the well-rounded storyline!

Christina who lost everything in a tragedy is hired as a maid of the cursed compound.
She has no choice but accept herfate with resignation in the compound as a “maid”.
When a young girl with broken heart Olivia is hit by love’s arrow, everything begins to change…..

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