[2D Hentai] Pretty Pridot: Main Edition Part 3

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Circle: Bingo Tart
Release: Sep/11/2018
File Format: MPEG
Genre: Buttocks, Lots of White Cream/Juices, Orgy Sex, Anal, Twin Tail, Big Breasts

Prequel: Pretty Pridot Main Edition Part 1-2 and Introduction Edition

2D animations in the high-end quality! After a variety of sexual intercourse,
Pridot is finally going to lose her anal virginity and go in group sex!

With supple skin textures and liquid dynamics that we have relentlessly pursued,
We proudly present this product in 2D hand-drawn art style.
Over 2,800 artworks + Over 2,900 morphings + 377 hand-drawn flowing cum
By all means, please watch the sample video!

* The final scene is planned to be added in an update.


Her name is Pridot. She took a gig as a no-intercourse H scene model
at a business hotel photoshoot. Pridot was fine while the terms were a safe-sex
blowjob and titwank, but that time is over now. There is a line of horny
f*ckers come to ruin Pridot’s posture.

* 2 ero scenes (anal sex and group sex)
* Anal sex: 5 patterns, 10 animation cuts, of which 1 is an ejaculation scene
* Group sex: 2 patterns, 5 animation cuts, 1 ejaculation scene
* Loss of anal virginity scene in the opening

Video files in this product (predot_all_H8.mpg, predot_all_H9A.mpg)
can seamlessly be combined with the final video file in the “Main Edition Part 2” (predot_all_H7.mpg).

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Sharpening Rod

Thank you! Hopefully you’ll update it once the build gets updated.

Ass Fiend


Pepe Hands

Very nice


Could this get updated with the extra scene that got added with an update? It’s a double paizuri scene