[3D Hentai] Hiiragi’s Special Lesson (Full+Video)

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Circle: blue arrow garden
Release: Aug/16/2014
File Format: EXE, MP4
Genre: Breasts, 3D Works, School/Academy, Black Hair
File Size: 2.22 GB

“I want to make love with senpai… sweet hot nights… hee hee.

But, senpai just won’t respond to my feelings.
Even when I’m trying this hard to appeal to him!

Chinatsu says he’s staying late after school today.
I’ve decided to take him right there in the classroom!”

Sounds from the classroom: “Ahh, ahh, aaahh, aaaahn <3… aaahnnn…
deeper, oniichan… more, do me more… nnn, hnnn, ahh…”

(“What!? I can’t believe it… Chinatsu and senpai… but they’re—“)


The next day:

“You have sex with your sister, senpai.”
(“I’ve got him in a bind with the photo from yesterday. Good, good.”)

“It’s because I love you… senpai…
I want you to have sex with me too. Decide which of us is better.

You protest but I can see how you really feel.
It’s that hot, hard thing down there. Take it out. First I’l use my foot.
I’m going to use my whole body to make you feel better than
Chinatsu ever did.

Squirt your white stuff on my foot, senpai. Make my sock all sticky.”

From here on, you’ll have to watch the movie.

Enjoy every part of her: legs, arms, mouth, down there…
Play to your heart’s content with ecchi junior Hiiragi.

* Smooth illustration-style 3DCG animated H game!
* It’s a 3D environment so you can see Hiiragi from multiple angles
* Over 150 cuts!
* Full animation & full voice!
* Choose to be called “senpai” or “oniisan”

Footjob, handjob, fellatio, sideways missionary, doggy style at the window, facing lotus…
Touch Hiiragi to add even more variety to the action!

* CV: Kurumi Miru (main)
* CV: Koneko Nanaumi (guest)

Notice: Chinatu’s voice is appropriated from “Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation”.
Chinatsu cannot be interacted with in this movie.
The focus is entirely Hiiragi.
To enjoy Chinatsu, please play “Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation”.

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thatIs aSecret

appreciate this, i hope you can upload the “Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation” too