[3D Hentai] Shouhei’s Live Streaming Adult Channel ver.1.3

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Circle: ソクラテス
Release: 2019/09/20
File Format: EXE / HTML / WMV
File Size: 2.19GB

Description – Google Translated

Live channel Shohei’s adult channel is extremely popular online.

The performer this time is Takakura Saeko-chan. A boyfriend, but a true virgin.
He did not refuse the request of his friend who was a gimmick and appeared without knowing anything.

Can Shohei scream her in front of the web camera?

[Game system]
A simple adventure game. On the way, it is divided into a sleeping part and an insulting part.
There are no puzzle elements.

[Browser bundled]
In addition to the game version, a browser version that does not require installation is also included. Click here if you want to enjoy it.

Changelog – Google Translated
February 07, 2020 Update v1.3
Add content
■ Target of version upgrade
This version upgrade target is only the browser version like all version upgrades.
■ Version upgrade contents (browser version)
Current version 1.3
・ Added the Japanese costume version which is a new costume. This time there are only 3 scenes, but we will continue to add them.

November 27, 2019 update v1.1
Bug fix content addition
■ Target of version upgrade
Only the browser version can be upgraded this time.
Regarding the game version, the problem that you have pointed out “the screen becomes whitish” has not been resolved, so we have just postponed it.
■ Version upgrade contents (browser version)
Current version 1.1
·Bug fixes
・ FPS increase of scene (30fps → 60fps)
・ First appearance-normal route 1
・ First appearance-Normal route 6
・ FPS increase and addition of scene (30fps → 60fps)
・ Last day-normal route 5
・ Addition of early access video (1280 * 800HD size ・ 60fps)
・ First appearance-Bondage version of Normal Route 1
・ Second appearance-Normal route 1
・ Last day-normal route 2

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Lurking Troll

Hey, when I try to install this I get a weird “EOFopen ERROR” But its longer than that I just cant remember the entire thing, and dont think I can post a screen shot. Can anybody help?