[RPG] Latia the Hero and Her Pleasant Companions (But Make it Lewd) [English]

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Circle: shoku
Release: May/22/2020
Translator: hewhocumsbynight
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Abnormal/Perverted, Anime, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Internal Cumshot, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Gangbang, Girl
File Size: 714.59MB

Japanese people are summoned into a new world every few years to impart their
technological knowledge, creating a magical network. When a Demon Lord desired
to conquer this world, a hero named Latia rose to stop him.

Latia has reunited with an old friend… and so a new adventure begins…!

Game Details
– 53 H scenes and battlefuck animations!
– H-scenes feature pretty hard content!
– Features armor breaks!
– Play changes depending on perversion!
– Lose your sanity and lose the ability to battle!
– Sanity decreases and perversion increases with each fuck!
– Includes H scenes from the very beginning!
– Battlefuck portions are in the latter half.
– Includes H side stories after the main story is completed!
– Advance the story to meet allies! Create a 3 girl, 1 man party!
– Fuck and be fucked!
– Features a map to aid you in your quest.
– View pose art and character details in the Private tab.
– Includes outfit changes
– Also includes autosave.

– This game features ahegao, x-rays, impregnation, and birth.

– Please confirm compatibility via a thorough completion of the trial version before purchase.
(There’s an NPC with a lightbulb above their head available exclusively for the demo.)

– Battles and H scenes are voiced, but nothing else.

– Press space to speed up previously-seen animations.

– Monster sex does not occur in the first half.

– This work does not condone or endorse violence.

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A little bit short for my taste, but it’s fun to play. I like the characters and the humor, but i wish there would be more story. Overall worth of playing it even after the story.