[ACT] Graveyard Executioner ver.1.00_5 [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: Blue Mad Diode
Released: Dec/11/2021
Game Format: Action
Genre: Decadent/Immoral, Fantasy, Vore, Bizarre/Eccentric, Torture, Blood/Bleeding, Madness, Ryona/Brutal
File size: 1.17GB


Game Concept
English supported!

A hardcore 2D side-scrolling action game where enemies and allies alike get brutally ryona’d!
Play as grave-keeper Nevia, and adventure in a cruel world to save the 5 princesses!
Featuring lots of brutal torture!

The game is crafted on the concepts of “torture” “anger” “revenge” “mercilessness”, and “taboo”.
This game has all the exhilarating visceral splatter, and hardcore elements you want!

With influences from “D*ad” Cells”, “Bl*sphemous”, “H*llow Kn*ght”, and more,
this 2D dark fantasy prides itself on atmosphere, smooth controls, great performances, and brilliant level design.

Game System
During your adventure, you’ll make use of 3 close-up weapons; the shovel, the bar, and the Bone Crusher,
and 3 ranged weapons; the pistol, the machine gun, and the shotgun.
Choose the right weapon for the situation, and fight through way through the game!

Other support options include the Grimchurch sibling support characters,
torture traps that can capture enemy souls, and impose 7 varieties of brutal punishment upon them.

The death animations for enemies all depends on the weapon you’re using,
and that’s what adds so much splatter and hardcore visceral-ness to the experience!
It’s not just the protagonist getting ryona’d this time around, but the enemies too!

The game includes a stripping-with-damage system.
Nevia’s heaving breasts also jiggle with the action.

There are 11 main areas in total, including the Black Kingdom, the Abandoned Sewer, the infested Swamp, and the Blood-boiling Slaughterhouse.
There are also 11 intermission areas, including the hot springs, and alchemist shop.
Finally, there are 5 brutal boss areas.

45 CG stills
32 Game over animations
115 enemy ryona animations
99 background mob types

CG Mode, Animation playback mode included.

– Punishing Torture Minigame
This minigame begins after defeating bosses.
There are 4 varieties “Cranial breaking confession”, “Eye-plucking Drill”, “Pear of anguish shooting” “Ever encroaching guillotine”.

Situations include hanging, sexual abuse, skinning, choking rape, surgery, vore, insect sex,
mind-sucking, electric shock, tentacles, gut-punching, creampie, breast milk, petrification, explosions, meat hooks, semen IV, egg-laying, and MUCH MORE!

– And…
The horny Churchgrim brother Kevin gets too excited by his naked sister and the sexy Nevia,
and may ask a certain alchemist to help him relieve his desires…
– Includes full CG unlock system & God Mode
Even if you’re not good at action games, you can fully enjoy the contents!
Select these options from “EXTRA” on the title screen.
* The CG unlock system does not unlock bonuses for beating the game.
* God mode will cause some events to not trigger.

– Gamepad support
We recommend using a gamepad with 12+ buttons that is compatible with Xinput.
We have confirmed compatibility with Xbox controllers, the Logitec F310, and the PS4 controller.
The controls were designed with the Xbox controller in mind, so we recommend customizing key-bindings for other controllers.

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In my opinion the gameplay is fun and challenging which I like. But as the game description goes, it’s not for the weak stomach, therefore play it at your own risk since there will be a lot fucked up shit in there and I mean it.
For it being a guro game I’ll give it 10/10 since this is one of the most fucked up game I’ve seen in a while.
for whom who played it or planning to… good luck and have a nice dream

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Seem to be having a weird issue with this game. When the game window is in focus it runs extremely slowly. When I click outside the window, removing focus, the game runs at normal speed. Does anyone know what would cause this?


SPOILER FREE —-The Exceptional—– The music of this game is extremely good. Dark Souls fair: if you get hit its your fault 99% of the time. —The Good—- Very well crafted game. Animations are smooth and natural when at 60fps. Move sets are limited but serviceable . A wide variety of weapons you can choose from but I just stuck with one . Plot is coherent and well paced. This game has a creative way to seamlessly direct the player through to ‘new game plus+’ Characters sounds and voices are done well and clear . Enemies are varied and well… Read more »