[RPG] Cursed Armor ver.2.50 [English]

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Circle: wolfzq
Release: Feb/16/2018
Language: English (70% translated, 23% machine)
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Pregnancy/Impregnation, Hypnosis, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Corrupted Morals, Futanari/Hermaphrodite, BDSM, Bondage, Corruption, exhibitionism, monstergirl sex, pregnancy / breeding, mind control, Cosplay, slave training, piercings, milking, monster rape, parasites
File Size: 969 MB

Current version: 2.50 (update 12 Feb, 2020)
Improved some of both the jap and eng translation. UI adjustment, added a changing room, added a wolfgod temple event, lowered the difficulty of some plots.

Current version: 2.02 (update 7 Apr, 2018)

Current version: 2.01 (update 27 Feb, 2018)

Current version: 2.03 version (update 7 Oct, 2018)
1 Game is improved translation quality and fix some bug.
2 Game and CG mod merge.
3 Add some face and hair pictures.

Fifteen centuries passed since the Lewd Demon Lord was sealed.
A girl who is ambitious to be the strongest adventurer Rilina’s journey started.
In the middle of her way, however, she was tempted by a succubus and got
into a cursed armor! In order to put the cursed armor off she has to collect
six legendary items that were spread all over the world, which isn’t that easy…

Key Points:
1. A fantasy game in pixel artworks!
2. Pose art & Cosmetics systems enable you to customize the heroine with various costumes and hairstyles!
3. Multi-ending & Replayability. There is 1 main route and 5 sub routes.
4. There are H scenes during battle. You can use various lewd moves!

H situations: male x female / female x female / female x futa / DSM / binding /
corruption / exhibition / monster girl / pregnancy birthing / hypnosis /
tentacle / cosplay / sex slave / milking / insect r*pe etc.

If you enjoyed playing this game, please keep this game in your PC.
Updates are planned with addition of pose art, pixel art and CG.

Contents added in updates so far:
1. Addition of sub routes (e.g. slave market, hypnotic academy, insect island / 200+ events in reminiscence mode)
2. Plenty of costume variations in pose art
3. Plenty of minor events
4. ‘Binding system’ in battle

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I remember this from ages ago, all I remember was it had a lot of story was decent but manyy things got repetative like same sex scenes or repeat and went on for too long, I just used the skip option almost all the time, there were a lot of things to do, its probably the largest hgame I ever played, but it dragged out until I found shops that I couldn’t buy the items in it because, you needed to become a patreon or something. I couldn’t get cause it was out of my budget and that turned me… Read more »

Chris Garcia

Just FYI, this game wasn’t tagged for Android support, even though there is a .apk in the download file


Great game. Though I encounter a bug where Silina’s arm is kinda.. misplaced when I’m talking to the slave arena chick. Other than that I really ennjoy the adventures!