[ACT] Suffering Magic Girl – Makeup Riona [English]

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Circle: Miracle Heart
Release: Apr/22/2020
Work Format: Action
Genre: Internal Cumshot, Rape, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Loli, Magical Girl, Big Breasts, Virgin Female
File Size: 630.32MB

— Story

Riona Yamamoto is suddenly summoned to a different world by the hand of a witch.
This girl, who had lived an ordinary life, was now dressed up as a magic girl and standing in a different world.

Confused, Riona spoke to the witch.

Witch “OK. I forgot to say, but you can only use the magic if you are a virgin. Riona-chan, you have not experienced that yet, right?”

Riona replied that she had no such experience.

Witch “Alright, then. If you were not a virgin…you…would die. Hee hee hee…”

The next moment Riona disappeared.
The witch giggles mysteriously and looks at the shining magic square.
Her eyes looked as if she were planning something…

— Sex scene

The sex scenes are ones of ruthless abuse.
In these scenes, the magic girl Riona is thoroughly abused.

They take her maidenhood and implant eggs in her uterus. They are quite rough on her.
There are wails and cries by the voice actors, and screams. What will happen when they are defeated by the monsters.
These are striking sex scenes.

— Hand-drawn animation

The action scenes and action abuse is in hand-drawn animation.
There are more than 200 hand-drawn scenes!
Major animation is shown at scenes of deathblow and recovery.

There are sex scenes for all the monsters.
Of course, these can be replayed multiple times from the gallery.

— Motion animation

The defeat events are shown in scenes of striking motion animation!
This is an animation that focuses on bouncing breasts and thrusting hips.

The monsters mercilessly violate Riona’s gorgeous body!
Of course, these can be replayed multiple times from the gallery.

— Action game

With the horizontal scroll format, you can operate Riona and progress through the stages.
This is an action game where you guard against the attacks of the monsters, and look for gaps to attack.

If you suffer the attacks of the monsters, you will be abused on the spot.

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