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Circle: Nekoshaku
Release: Apr/21/2020
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Depression/Depressing, Breasts, School/Academy, Coercion/Compulsion, Rape, Student, Big Breasts
File Size: 498.6MB

* Storyline

Yamako was an ordinary school girl.

One day after school,
Yamako was diligently studying for an examination at the school library.
When she stood up to leave, the lights were suddenly turned off.
She was then raped by an aggressor from the back.

She couldn’t identify the rapist.
It was too dark inside, and the man was covered with a hoodie.

Yamako was deeply scared from this incident.
She decided to receive mental treatment at the mental hospital.
Upon regaining her good health,
Yamako’s ambitions were directed towards identifying who has raped him.
She was boiling with anger.

Yamako began by asking students who were nearby the library that day.

* Character

Name: Yamako
A modern school girl who enjoys tweeting about daily life.
Very studious and spends time reviewing textbooks.
Enjoys hard work and grit to achieve success.
Sensitive to fashion trends, just like any other school girl.

Can be mentally fragile. Suffers nightmares ever since her rape.

* Game

This is a mystery solving RPG.
Identify the criminal through surveys and collecting items!

The school campus and city was filled with crime.
Yamako learns of the truth
during her investigation!

— Memory Mode available as a hidden feature
— 10 Event Scenes / 10 Basic Illustrations
— Produced using the RPG Tsukuru MV Tool

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