[RPG] Schoolgirls Nanami & Marina ~Sexual Part time Jobs~ [English]

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Circle: dieselmine-Int’l-
Released: Feb/27/2022
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Student, Uniform, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Big Breasts, Virgin Female
File size: 1.33 GB

Play as Nanami and Marina, each with differing personalities, and earn money with them!
Will their jobs be legal? Or dirty!? Work them to pay off their friend’s debt!
But will their jobs be full of sexual assault!?
The fate that awaits the two (+1) is…one of prostitution!? Or something more!?
An RPG where you make money by playing as both a pure, and a not-so-pure schoolgirl!

– While working a part-time job in a bookstore, Nanami gets molested by the manager
– While working a part-time job at a clothing store, Marina is brought into the dressing room by a male customer!?
– Marina is pushed to a give a titjob to a male customer
– Deceived by a massage parlor’s manager, Nanami is made to learn the intricacies of handjobs!?
– During a photo session, Marina takes a role of a model but put in a sleep to be raped!?
– Having a dirty private lesson with a manager in a fitness club!
– Marina works at a girls’ bar (hostess bar)
– Nanami falls victim to molestation
– While helping debug a VR game, Nanami meets a dirty fate both in-game and reality!
– While doing a part-time job in a maid cafe, Nanami gives verbal abuse service to a masochist customer!?
– A man begs on hands and knees for Marina to take his virginity
– When the two try to rescue Mobuko from a cult, they get hypnotized, and…!?
– Mobuko invites Nanami and Marina to an orgy!?

And much more…

A normal (yet busty) schoolgirl named Nanami, a gal named Marina and Mobuko, a subdued girl who somehow has a boyfriend, are all close friends.
However, one day, Mobuko gets a huge amount of debt after being deceived by her boyfriend.
In order to pull Mobuko back from the grip of hypnotic love for her boyfriend and repay her debt, Nanami and Marina start working part-time jobs…
Will they get a sufficient amount of money, or descend into part-time jobs of the sexy kind!?

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Better than I expected. Your taks here is to wander around the city and select jobs where you can earn the biggest amount of money. The game needs you to have a certain amount of them before the week’s end. Some jobs requires from girls to be more perverted. You can grind this perversion bar up by going into certain alley in the evening (next to the maid cafĂ©). After you interact with a marked by game spot, the guy will show up and start to bang the girl. You can repeat this event as many times as you need,… Read more »

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