[3D Hentai] ToLOVE Ru Diary SISTER

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Circle: marmalade*star
Release: Nov/16/2018
File Format: EXE
Genre: 3D Works, Foot Job, Socks, Loli, Younger Sister
File Size: 2.91GB
Movie Edition: ToLOVE Ru Diary SISTER [Movie Edition]

An immoral story of flirty-dirty between a student and his younger sister.

A service-minded sister Mikan is always steady taking care of her oniichan.
But in heart, she wants his affection since her age is as such.

When they take bath together for the first time in a while, they start getting
into an immoral relationship. But he happens to see that she plays with her male classmate.
Does she have a boyfriend? What will happen to their immoral love…?

7 days of hedonistic hentai, multiple angles, fully voiced,
with handjob, footjob, blowjob, masturbation, outdoor sex, and other situations!

You can choose to start from the date of your choice.
H scenes are available already 100% unlocked in reminiscence
mode so you can ‘use’ the game straight away if you please!

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Crimson X

Is there a difference in content between this and the movie version? or is it just the format\interface? (as in one is more like a game\VN and the other is a video….)


Perhaps you should add a JP tag?