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Developer: Succubella Games
Release: 2020-02-24
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Male protagonist, Rape, Humiliation, Nudity, Milf, Animated, Combat, Big tits, Card battle, Puzzle, Multiple endings
File Size: 635MB

Kai Forester wakes in prison with his mind scrubbed of all memories of a past life. Against his will, he is thrust into the ranks of a card game tournament where losing mean being brutally beaten to death. Should Kai prevail, and defeat Sadista’s champion, he can leave the prison walls forever to make a new life. But when the inmates of the Sadista will use whatever tactics necessary to win, Kai’s future becomes as uncertain as his past.

Strip Card Duel is an RPG game with a plot that escalates with every battle. Players will use cards to duel, battle their way through dungeons, and strip cute girls.

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Ran into an issue where my computer deletes the game file before I can run it. Not sure what to do.

felipe pino

worked on my machine

Ku Kun

This thing has a virus delete this! This is programmed to give you a Trojan virus upon second startup, mods delete this pls