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Developer: Mousou Endemic
Publisher: OTAKU Plan
Release: 13 Aug, 2021
Game Format: RPG
Genre: Fantasy, harem, Japanese Game, Male Protagonist, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Rape, Romance, RPG, Titfuck, Turn-based Combat, Vaginal Sex
File Size: 866 MBSTORY
Two hundred years passed, the Demon King came back to life again.At the same time, the demons began to take advantage of the opportunity to riot. Thanks to the existence of adventurers, peace continued. But the Demon King is a threat after all.
The protagonist, blue-haired with a large sword, is a new adventurer, but he has the ability to destroy Warcraft alone. One day, because of the invitation of a mysterious voice, he embarked on the journey of crusading against the Demon King.
On the way to adventure, the protagonist meets demonic girls of different races one after another. Among them, there are many different characters, such as cat, Fox, and elf, and so on.
With the help of the heroines and other companions, can the protagonist defeat the Demon King?

Classic J-RPG
Heroine fondness system
Learn new skills during combat
Glasses ON/OFF for all heroines
All enemies can be turned into companions

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