[RPG] Succubus Nemu’s Kissy Cummy Sexpedition Log ver.1.01 [English]

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Circle: Triangle!
Release: Sep/15/2017
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Female Protagonist, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Fantasy, SM, Rape, Reverse Rape
File Size: 284MB

“In order for a Succubus to live, she needs ‘life-force’…… in other words, SEX.”
This is the RPG story of an apprentice succubus’ journey in search of erotic encounters!


This is the story of a Succubus who became the ‘Last Boss”—-.

The protagonist is an apprentice Succubus who has just been born.
She is taught by her elder sister what she must do to survive and thus
heads off on a journey in search of ‘life-force’ = SEX!

In town, in dungeons, humans and monsters… she will f*ck them all!
Under your guidance, can this apprentice succubus eventually become the ‘Last Boss’…?

Have SEX to Level Up, the play contents depend entire only your Sexual Inclination!

– SMLv (Sexual Inclination) Increasing this will alter your parameters + SM Mode!
SLv (Attack Power Increase. The more you hit them, the more pleasurable you feel!)
MLv (Endurance Increase. The more you are hit, the more pleasurable you feel!)

Depending on your SMLv, you will learn new skills!
(S: Attack Skills / M: Defense Skills)

Also, the erotic event scenes will likewise change to
reflect her sexual inclination! Enjoy H, H and more H!

– BOSS fights in town, SEX ANYWHERE!
Defeat your opponent to have sex with them!
Even if you loose, they will r*pe you so…
it doesn’t really matter whether you WIN or LOSE…
As far as a succubus is concerned, ALLLL OKAY(?)

– Clothing Damage System
As HP decreases, her clothing visibly changes to reflect so!

[H-Radar Equipped Succubus]
She can SENSE the existence of erotic encounters…
The more she has sex and her sensuality increases,
the more events will become perceivable to her.
As SMLv level increases, the range of the radar does to.
Find all the hidden events with the H-radar!

[Succubus Brothel-Inn]
Perform plenty of erotic acts at the Brothel-Inn
What’s more important than money? SEX! of course.
“Just make sure not to suck them to the death, okay?”

[My Room]
A place that the succubus can return to from any location.
Take a nap, enjoy erotic scenes, etc.

[Scene Reminiscence Room]
You can view any scene you have already witnessed.
Accessible anytime from [My Room]

31 CG / 60+ scenes

CTRL: Message Skip
W key: Obscure Message Window
and Load feature implemented!

Illustration: KaisenChuui
Scenario: Ejimura, Hajime Tani
Music: Goru

Created with RPG Tkool MV.

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Unfortunately this is still the “Comfortable” version of translation from Steam. I’m so fucking sad that the TL for this game is garbage.


looks fun