[SLG] Contract with a Lust Demon ~Lovey Dovey Sex with Older Girl Succubus~ ver1.50 [English-Uncen]

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貴方は淫魔と契約しました ~優しいお姉さんサキュバスといちゃラブエッチ~

Circle: ShinyaSoft
Release: Oct/06/2019
Translator: ManlyMarco
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touch/Feel, Dirty Talk, Lovey Dovey/Sweet Love, Internal Cumshot, Submissive Man, Succubus/Incubus, animated, vaginal sex, big tits, creampie, fantasy, internal view, lactation, monster girl, seduction, inflation
File Size: 62.8MB

Translator Note:
This modpack contains an uncensor and a full English translation, both made by me. The uncensor/demozaic uncovers an animated vagina. I hand translated most of the interface, the rest is a cleaned up machine translation. Runtime editor is included as usual if you want to mess around.

One day you suddenly meet a lust demon inside your dreams.
You were surprised at first, but soon you become prisoner to her
alluring charms, and you seal a pact to give her some of your soul.

A simple, user-friendly sexy touching simulator.
You can get straight to the touching after starting the game.
Enjoy lovey-dovey sex with a kind girl who watches over you.
She will gently take the lead during sex.

-A special focus on creampies
-The more you cum inside, the dirtier the talk becomes
-Includes sex with a swollen impregnated body
-Control the camera in real time with the mouse
-3 sexual positions – missionary, cowgirl and from behind

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no body texture,any solution?

I only see floating clothes, no body texture??? tried both 32 & 64 bit but still the same result, not sure what to do?


In version 64 it worked well for me https://imgur.com/a/gTkdw5f

But I will also leave the link of the game with censorship and another link with the uncensored patch.

Game: https://mega.nz/#!cQJWDYQK!XWNtuG1g7JnX35jNKPhMICbP88xiMu3F9pjcj_U7zTs

Pache Uncensored ( Only work 64 bits)https://mega.nz/#!od5xSYBA!8jylJZ38BmDxZSQZkZTv0ISlWhjZ2rYXKPU2TDGIslg


try it…


can’t insert…the game think i do but in reality the dick stays out and can’t do crampie. any solution please?