[2D Hentai] Machinery assault to the beloved maidens 2 – Extreme Anime! FXX –

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愛嬢機姦II -ダブルJKと監獄の主- ~極☆動!FXX~

Circle: 01-Torte
Release: Dec/17/2010
File Format: AVI
Genre: Restraint
File Size: 817MB

Two junior high schoolers sneaked into a facility, unaware that it’s the secret experiment lab for a major electric-appliance manufacturer’s hardcore assault machines.
The girls are instantly trapped and snapped into dual pussy wet f**k machines as double teen slaves of a “Prison King” who will tease their perky tits and red-raw swollen clitorises until virginhood is a long lost memory.

Sana and Miki are the two girls who plummet into assault hell as test subjects of the perverted machine.

Amazingly erotic animation fusing 2D and 3D with dynamic effects using with a new technology named “AE3D-Advanced.”

* Lust bed stimulates the clit and nipples to max sensitivity
* Pleasure revolver + machine gun is a nonstop genital violator
* Obscene penetration from a machine called “the fist”
* Buck on the horsey, snatch milker, oral vibe pump, chair TGG…
Then both girls are cum inside by the King himself…

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