[2D Hentai] R*pe Pr*Cure BADEND! Ver. Pink [Oniichan and Miyuki]

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Circle: Tsujimo ga Machi ni Yattekita!!!
Release: Dec/01/2012
File Format: WMV/ JPEG
Genre: Lots of White Cream/Juices, Anime, Loli

Miyuki had a young boy neighbor who she thought as her oniichan. However, instead of a brotherly love, he let out a burst of sexual desire on Miyuki’s young body, again and again.

A Puella Magi anime + CG collection.
Enjoy the blissful BAD END.

1 – New uniform
2 – Pink-colored sucking
3 – Plaything
4 – New school…
5 – Needy lips
6- Oniichan and Miyuki (Animation)
7 – Defeat and humiliation (Beginning)
8 – Defeat and humiliation (Ending)

1 animation, 7 base, 90 total CGs

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