[SLG] Train Sex: Feel Up A Schoolgirl on the Train (JP)

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電車姦 電車の中で女子校生にお触りしちゃおう

Circle: Uzura Studio
Release: Dec/03/2019
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touch/Feel, Breasts, Cross-section View, Train, Student, Uniform
File Size: 406.62MB

A train molester simulation game.

Touch her to build up heart points, and use them to unlock new skills.

Use mouse click, mouse hold, and mouse wheel to feel her all over!

The screen will zoom in when you feel up certain regions.

When you unlock enough skills and progress far enough, you unlock Saturday.
On Saturday, on the train you….

* Can only be play with a mouse.
* After Effects animations

900×1000 resolution

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The resolution is too big for my screen. Becuz of that I can’t see the alertness and some setting options.


Sooooo, am I to assume, there are alot of men who fondle girls on crowded trains in Japan? Seems to be a lot of games like this.
ALSO, there are alot of games with the sound of Cicadas in the background, are there alot of Cicadas in Japan?


Is there a way to make the TXT in ENGLISH?!?


Thank you for sharing.


the mouse weel doesn’t work, at least for me


How do you even get upgrades? I have 1500 pink hearts but i can’t level up anything. How do you spend hearts? How do you get green hearts?


is there anybody here know how to change resolution this game because I can’t see some options


There is a new version. could you please upload it sir?

Game has been updated almost a month ago, it includes a fix for the second scene, we’d really appreciate it if you could upload it!




Rubbish game, sorry but the game zoom too close causing other UI icon disapear. I’ve tried to maximize the game but still no luck. The penetration also too simply rubbish. Not worth your time. Abandon this page!