[SLG] Hizashi no Naka no Riaru -In The Afternoon Sunshine- [Eng-Uncen]

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Circle: mu soft
Release: Jul/06/2005
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Sleep Sex, Touching
File Size: 406MB

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Thank you.


this game most likely “LOST LIFE” what a best genre


love this game. have it since 2015


i see a black screen
bottom right have these words: English Edition Version 0.9 and the clock just keep spinning please help


I’m wondering if there’s more than one ending. The ending I got is really sad.


Oh man, i wish this game have android version


I’m wondering, why isn’t THIS game not in the top list “of all the time” (if it also was existing…) Totally the best one in SLG, I haven’t seen yet such detalization, reactions, atmosphere. It freaking awesome, I just lost several hours playing this and gonna play further to unlock everything. Just give the stars to this title, if you happen to wander into this rakuen. Glory and appreciation to the creator. P.S. …. DUDE it’s 2005! It was released 2005.. I mean, yeah, it looks at first a bit clumsy, but hey if you take a deeper — look… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by hanikeki

How to make her cum?


I cannot get past green shirt. She just constantly closes her legs )=


good game

This is one of the all-time best.


anyone know how to get the pen sence ?


I can’t get through day 3 scene 2-2


any other game from this developer?