[ACT] Night Road [English-Spanish]

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Circle: BouSoft
Release: Nov/13/2019
Work Format: Action
Genre: Anime, Horror, Coercion/Compulsion, Younger Sister, Sailor-style Uniform, Ryona/Brutal
File Size: 889MB

Added support for English and Spanish.

*Rape Viewing Mode added. This mode will automatically unlock after completing the game. It can also be unlocked manually.

* Fixed a textual error when using the Keyboard configuration, where messages displaying the S key actually required the Space key.

In the pitch-black night, a girl opened her eyes,
in her hazy mind, a whisper was building — “I have to go”.
In the desolate blackness, the only thing she could hear was a mysterious voice.

A side-scrolling horror action game in which a lone girl traverses through darkness.
Use items freely, engage in combat, and help her escape from the monstrous hands that
torment her.

*Please be warned, this work contains extreme violence.

– Includes multiple weapons like bats, handguns, shotguns, and more.
– The very first enemies may be difficult with the bat, so it might be a good idea to advance a little further without fighting.
– The bat is somewhere on the second floor of the school.
– There’s a save point in the girls’ restroom on the school’s first floor.
– Multiple locations! School, countryside, mountain road, and more! Maps included! Earn
passage to new areas as your character gains new abilities.
– You can only recover health with food.
– Enemies will not reappear when defeated.
– There is a limit to the number of items that can be carried except in certain circumstances.
– You’ll get dirty after being assaulted by enemies. Dirt can be cleaned in baths around
– There are items that increase defense, but they don’t protect from sexual attacks.
– Can be played with a keyboard or a game pad — mouse not required.

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Is there any gallery mode?


The lastest version has it. This link is outdated


can’t play it, char get stuck on the bed and can’t move


the character can’t move, iam pressing all button and still cant move


Sebastian Retamal,Aaorn Luigi,GhostStyle and all, I have the 2019-11-19 version and it works fine but the only problem is that it is only in JP, if you want it uploaded just let me know.


Can someone help, I can’t make the character move, I changed the control keys but it doesn’t work.


I have seen that you can move the character only in japanese language. The others dont work for me