[SLG] Yami’s Wonder Mansion ver.1.0.2 (JP-Uncen)

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Circle: oimoland
Release: Jul/20/2019
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Male Protagonist, Polygon, Yandere, Gothic Lolita, Horror, Pure Love


*Thanks to Rean Schwarzer for sharing the game

POV 3D horror exploration & simulation

Scenario Mode
– Explore the mysterious manor
– Different endings depending on your actions/selections

Simulation Mode
– Eat, talk, and bathe with the heroine. Even enjoy dress-up and sex.
– You can enjoy more activities as the attraction level increases
– Includes unlock command for the simulation mode even if you haven’t completed the game.

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Any chance of a translation being found anywhere? This seems interesting enough without one but I can already tell it would be useful.


If there’s a translation I’d like it for the free mode after you completed the story.
Also really hoping there’s gonna be a content update for that. 3 Bathing scenes and no “dating” or “getting closer” options are kinda whack, even though you can get her to love level 10 and beyond.


Replacing the games regular file with the uncen patch causes a lot of problems. Rip uncen.


does someone know the number Order for the Cave Puzzle?


just think about it, the rules are on the wall, something must come before and after 1, 2 is always before 4, something must always come before 5 and is always followed by 3, etc, less fun to just tell you.


wow, thank you for your “help”, it’s not like I asked for a Solution, since I don’t get it, and it’s not beeing “fun” to be stuck


245316, hardest number puzzle ever.


well, ty very much, but how did you came up with that solution? I always thought the number 6 is the first number since there was nothing bigger than 6 before 5…, or even 5->1->3… how?


Is there a way to change game language to ENGLISH? I have no idea how to read Japanese.


OK, I only know english, but I made it past the door with the playing card lock on it, then made my way upstairs, and ended up stuck, because there are only three doors, two are locked, and one has a note on a bed written in Japanese and I have no fucking clue what it says. I tried the CTRL-R thing for free mode, at the main menu, that did nothing for me either. This looks like its a pretty cool puzzle games but i’m completely stuck because I cant read the note….