[Shooter] Escape Girl (JP)

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Circle: Nuku Nuku Soft
Release: Oct/05/2019
Work Format: Shooter
Genre: Petrifaction, Fantasy, Coercion/Compulsion, Machine Sex, Interspecies Sex
File Size: 29.7MB

– Game Contents –
In this ecchi gun shooting game, you must turn into a devil and protect a young girl from the various creatures chasing her.
Reap the souls of fallen monsters, upgrade your skills, and protect her!

– Story –
A devil defeated by the lord of a evil lair is sealed away for many years, and is finally released through the power of a captive young girl.
As a defenseless human girl, there’s no way she can escape the powerful hordes of the lord by herself.
So, in exchange for your soul, you make a contract with that devil yourself to help her escape.
But you’ll need more than one soul to take on the lord of the lair; you’ll need the souls of all the creatures you fell along the way.

– Other –
Full scene animation, sexy moaning voices included.
9 stages, each complete with a defeated episode scene.

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