[RPG] KANADE and the Ecchi Worklife ver.1.06 [Partial English]

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Circle: acerola
Release: Nov/28/2016
Translator: Bakatora
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Cuckoldry (Netorare), Naughty/Lewd, Verbal Humiliation, Tease, Gangbang, Childhood Friend
File Size: 670 MB

1. The translation is not 100% and there are still some events left untranslated.
2. Japanese system locale or Locale Emulator is required
3. Full save included

Netorare Osananajimi Kanade
(lit., “Seduced Childhood Friend Kanade”)

* Story:
Kazuki Matsumoto and Kanade Fujiwara,
sophomores in high school in modern day Japan,
were childhood friends in puppy love.
They had yet to take the first big step—
a fact which infuriated Kazuki’s little sister Chika to no end.
Chika put niceties to one side
and gave her brother a blast of real talk.
Her explosion propelled Kazuki to finally ask Kanade out.
She said yes.

Once they were together, it wasn’t long before
Kazuki and Kanade made love. They were each other’s first.

However, the happy times didn’t last.
Kazuki’s father Shozo had been staving off bankruptcy
with debts that now came due. The collectors were coming.
Shozo paid what he could, but it only bought time.
The debt was still 5,000,000 ($50,000).

Kazuki threw himself into part-time jobs to help out.
Chika and Shozo worked too; the Matsumotos would survive this!
It meant being away from Kanade,
but when Kazuki said this to her, she proposed to work as well.
Kanade and Chika tried to discourage it but Kanade was stubborn.
So be it. Any amount was helpful, but Kanade herself
promised to earn at least 1,000,000.

So began Kanade’s part-time worklife.
But how far will she go to save the Matsumotos…!?

* Game:
Kanade attends school in the daytime.
When school’s out she can do other actions:
research jobs, work at them, rest at home…
there are many ways to spend time.

In order to start work Kanade needs to research first.

Kanade has only so much stamina each day.
(If she has none, she must rest a day.)

If Kanade abandons her sense of guilt,
there are ecchi part-time jobs available too…

Keeping all this in mind,
happy earning and good luck!

* System:
– arubaito (part-time work / spend stamina, earn money)
– weekdays (Mon-Sun schedule / weekends have AM, PM parts)
– stamina (a parameter that determines ability to do jobs)
– desire (increases with harassment, makes her loose, decreases by sex with Kazuki)
– guilt (decreases with desire, at low levels can be particularly ‘liberating’)
– awareness (increases by doing gaudy actions, part-time jobs)
– sexual frustration (bad status) (allows Kanade to have sex with anyone)
– diary (a record of everything Kanade does, with who, and why)
– Kazuki POV (the viewpoint of the cuckold… i mean boyfriend!)

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This seems to be one of those developers where every game is the exact same game, same mechanics, same premise, same scene types, same goals, just with different character designs… *sigh*


This game works…okay except theres a long great bar across the screen most of the time probably saying that certain pieces of media arent working. Backgrpound of the game is so fucked with weird standing animations.