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Cos Ro -少女は初めてのコスプレで見られる快感を知り、徐々にその行為に歯止めが利かなくなっていく-

Circle: H.H.WORKS.
Release: 2019-08-27
Work Format: Action
Genre: Cosplay, Outdoor, Outdoor Exposure, Male protagonist, Japanese game, Censored, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Group sex , Exhibitionism, Rape (Avoidable), NTR (avoidable), Multiple endings
File Size: 190MB

Translator Notes:
This game comes with a DLC which follows another girl during the same summer, it is included as a seperate file since it’s very short and most people might not want the extra 70MB.
This is the first of the three games in the series that I am working on, the second is next which is considered far better.

The game has 4 endings, Good, Bad, Normal, and simply END. It’s best to avoid getting raped if you want the good end.

“She discovered a thrill the first time she cosplayed.
Not for the outfit, but the fact she was flaunting it.
Little by little, her inhibitions fell away, like articles of clothing…”

Cos Ro is a real-time exposure action game with lots of cosplay artwork.
18 base CGs. 394 variations. Over 900 total works incl. poses art.
Stripping versions aplenty.
All this packed into H.H.WORKS.’s very first project!

* Cosplay & exhibition
Adorn her in casual clothes or lavish outfits, then put her on display
at the Cosplay Convention for an audience of gawkers, where her shame will rise.
Her exhibitionist tendencies will also change based on how much skin she shows.

* Sex at the convention
At high levels of excitement she can also have sex.
Sex scenes will vary based on her outfits. Enjoy a variety of cosplay sex.

* Men who stare
At the convention you may end up with a stalker.
If someone is looking at her funny, you can probably expect something to go down…!

* Go beyond the boundaries
Each sunday there’s a cosplay convention, but in between she can
work a part time job to earn money or date to build her confidence.
Money will go toward new costumes and dating will give her the courage to
really put on a show at the convention. Balance and profit!
It’s possible for her to lose confidence if you neglect it too long.
If it gets too low, she’ll lose something else……

* Endings
When you end the game with different status levels, the endings are different.
A NORMAL or GOOD ending has nothing to do with days of the week.
So you can enjoy the convention in your favorite outfits without thinking about it too much.

Requires RPG Tkool VX RTP (free).

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