[SLG] BlackSmith ver.1.07 [English-Uncen]

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Developer: XXIV
Release: 2019-12-18
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Male protagonist, Creampie, Oral sex, Prostitution, Internal view, Vaginal sex, Cosplay
File Size: 365MB
Sequel: Black Smith2, Black Smith3

You’re a novice blacksmith in a small, rural village. By day you work to perfect your craft, pounding away on the anvil and chatting absentmindedly with your questionably-sentient friend. (The bucket.) By night, however, you take your earnings and venture into town, where the cute, innocent girl of your dreams is waiting for you. Can you sweep her off of her feet, and become the best blacksmith the realm has ever known?

You play as a blacksmith, and earn job experience by playing a hammer-striking minigame. (based on timing, clicking when the hammer hits the anvil.) The more experience you get, the more you can sell your merchandise for. After working for the day, you can take your money to the town’s brothel where your sweetheart is waiting. Build a relationship with her, and slowly graduate to more and more intimate sexual encounters. The game has no ending, so you can smack iron, smack ass, and unlock all her outfits to your heart’s content with no worry of the game cutting you short.

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It has been updated to ver 1.08 recently, can you please upload it?



so any chance of a latest version?