[ACT] Kinky Black Hood in the Nightpark

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変態黒頭巾 in the Nightpark

Circle: survive
Release: Aug/08/2019
Work Format: Action
Genre: Loli, Outdoor Exposure, Ahegao
File Size: 15.9MB

Description – Google Translated
It is an avoidance game with only 1MAP.

The student council president who is exposed will take a walk in the park at night.

There are about 100 uncles in the park, and they will be taken out immediately when they come in contact.

Every time you vaginal cum shot, your stomach level rises and eventually you get pregnant.

The ending branches depending on the clear condition.

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hard, too hard. speed is the key


don’t know how to unlock achievement “Time Expired” , I’ve tried all I could


don’t have SAVE DATA 100% ???


if anyone have a Saved Data, could you please share it?This game is too hard to complete


I only have the “No Rape” achievement left to do, which is easily the hardest one. Once I’ve finished it, however, I’ll put a link up for you guys since the game is incredibly difficult on the outset. I still recommend playing it though, as it is surprisingly fun


Here’s a link to my save file 100% completed for those struggling too much


Way too hard, with only one outcome if you don’t succeed