[ACT] Witch of the Space Station [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: NoraHeart
Released: Dec/01/2023
Product format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Restraint, Shame / Humiliation, Coercion / Compulsion, Interspecies Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Vaginal Sex, Rape, Combat, Monster, Side-scroller, Humiliation, Oral sex
File size: 147.46 MB

For some unknown reason, the Apollo space station is in turmoil.
Treated as test subjects, it is time for the aliens to reveal themselves as witches.
It is only to do their duty and escape from this place.

Game Contents
Rune Magic
Learn magic by defeating enemies and obtaining soul fragments.
There are more than 20 types of magic that can be achieved by combining the four runes in various combinations.
Each magic has its own unique use. You can combine up to three runes at a time to create the magic you need.
Create your own unique gameplay style.

Apollo Space Station
The Apollo space station was an ordinary station until something happened.
This chaos is no accident.
There may be a secret behind…

Difficulty level
There are three difficulty levels: easy, normal, and hard.
Most enemies behave differently on each difficulty level.
Enemies tend to increase their attack patterns as the difficulty level increases.
Playing on different difficulty levels will give you a completely new experience.

Restraint and Escape
Most enemies are excited based on the heroine’s level of exposure.
When they are excited, they will try to capture her by knocking her unconscious.
The heroine can try to resist.
If she fails, the heroine must escape from her captors.
She then returns to the place where she dropped her staff to retrieve it.
Some enemies may also try to stun her and do whatever they want on the spot.

*Some enemies are irresistible.
*Some may be inescapable.

– Special input keys -.
Special input keys can be entered at any time when the character is being controlled.

Ctrl + C + H
Invincible Mode
*Game Over due to inescapability still exists.

Ctrl + C + M
Infinite mana mode

Ctrl + C + G
Get 9999 soul fragments
Feel free to use this command if you want to use all your magic right away at the beginning.

. Ctrl + C + O
No H Mode
Heroine’s clothes are not torn. No H event will occur.

To turn off, enter the same key again.

1. current HP. Red when in invincible mode.
2. current MP. If in infinite mana mode, it will be red.
3. current strength. Used only when resisting enemy capture.
Recovered only when using a save point.
4. current mental state. Changes to red whenever an H event occurs. If completely red
cannot escape after an H event and the game is immediately over.
In no H mode, the core is not displayed.
It is recovered only when a save point is used.
5. reduction of maximum HP due to lowered mental state. The black area is the amount of decrease.
It is recovered only when a save point is used.

– Option -.
Operation Methods
You can see the controls in the options. You can re-bind any key, except for the left mouse for normal attacks and the right mouse for magic chanting.

Performance Mode
Improves performance by reducing fps. This is a last resort to keep the game running smoothly. Turn it on only if you feel it is really necessary.

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