[SLG] Let’s Turn Pick-Up Beach to a Nudist Fucking Beach! [JP-EN]

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Circle: Kisamamaki soft
Release: Aug/21/2019
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Bitch, Cuckoldry (Netori), Internal Cumshot, Molestation, Outdoor Exposure, Outdoor Sex
File Size: 266MB

*JP system locale or Locale Emulator is needed

* Game Settings

You are the owner of the “Sea House” store on Pick-Up beach.

Your goal is turn this beach into a place where girls walk around topless
and nude, and everyone can have sex whenever and wherever they want!

Spread rumors, invite your sex-friend to fuck in public, hold events,
and even pick-up and play with girls yourself to change the mood of Pick-Up beach
and make your dream a reality!

* Game Overview

An easy-going beach renovation pick-up SLG.

By using commands to change the mood of the beach and popularize H play,
girls who are hit on will become more open to sexual play!

You can click on these girls to hit on them and try to get them to partake in
certain play to popularize it!

Though the girls seem hesitant at first,
through repetition and popularization, they will begin to show their true perversions!
(becoming exhibitionists, cheating aheahe sluts, outdoor cream-pie addiction, etc…)

* Other
All play is displayed through animation & voicing.

Includes reminisce mode and viewing mode.
In the beach viewing mode, you can have girls enact your favorite play and watch!
(up to 12 at once)

With 6 voice actresses, there are over 1200+ voice types total.
Enjoy different voices for different situations with animation and text!

We have a total of 6 unique beach going girls to enjoy!
– Sexually frustrated office lady with a boyfriend
– Half Japanese popular school girl looking to have fun
– Athletic girl wearing a lewd bikini for attention
– Rich maiden in an arranged marriage here to cheat
– Young wife who wants to get laid
– Slutty gyal who can only think about sex (your sexfriend)

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Sam themanhamsam

For the lazy, your boy Sam has you covered:
Did it with Cheat Engine, so don’\t complain about the wonky numbers.
Dump it in the game’s folder, where the executable is also located.
Hit load, overwrote all three slots so it’s hard to miss.
Go to the CG option and there should be free mode in there, so go nuts.
Here’s another tip: Go into config, that’s where the English translation hides.

sebastian retamal

can’t play it, when i start the game, there only apears the “Close” button :/

Rez Bright

there’s a new update for the game!